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Image Part # Description Glass Envelope Shape Base Style Volts Watts Color
L1383-WWLED, R12, BA15s,12V, WARM WHITER-12S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)12.002.00WARM WHITE
LA19D-7-WLED A19 Dimmable 7W WhiteA-19Medium Screw (E26)100-240V7.00White
LA19D-7-WWLED A19 Dimmable 7W Warm WhiteA-19Medium Screw (E26)100-240V7.00Warm White
LGBF-WWLED, GBF, BA15d,12V, 2W, WARM WHITEGBFD.C. Bayonet (BA15d)12.002.00WARM WHITE
LGU10-345-WLED GU10 100-240V AC 3.5W WhiteMR16GU10100-240 Vac3.50White
LGU10-345-WWLED GU10 100-240V AC 3.5W Warm WhiteMR16GU10100-240 Vac3.50Warm White
LJDC-3-WMR16 LED 120V 3W WHITEMR16GU10120.003.90White
LJDC-3-WWMR16 LED 120V 3W WARM WHITEMR16GU10120.003.90Warm White
LJDR-3-WJDR LED 120V 3W WHITE JDRMedium Screw (E26)120.003.90WHITE
LJDR-3-WWJDR LED 120V 3W WARM WHITE JDRMedium Screw (E26)120.003.90WARM WHITE
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